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Neat Features of 3.0.0
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Author:  Hex [ 06 Feb 2008, 15:56 ]
Post subject:  Neat Features of 3.0.0

I'm still discovering things ...

I like the feature that lets you know that otehr posts have been made since you started yours in a thread, then gives you a chance to change your post before submitting it.

I like the Editing Reason box.

I like the 'bump' function. (Take a glance at some thread that's not been active in over 10 days ... No need for a post saying 'bump' anymore ... :wink: )

Oh, and you can subscribe to fora as well as threads/topics ...

If there's something you've discovered as a neat feature, please share (so the rest of us don't miss it)!


Author:  jess [ 06 Feb 2008, 15:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Neat Features of 3.0.0

I really like the cross posting notice feature!

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