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Three Thoughts about CHANGE and Your Goal Self Help Articles | December 13 Walt Weiss Youth Jersey , 2008
Sometimes we seem to be doing all the right things and we still don't make the progress toward our goals that we want. There can be many different reasons for this, but ultimately we need to CHANGE something. Here are three possible reasons why the progress has slowed, and some suggestions for what to do about it.

Copyright (c) 2008 Dale Stuemke

Are you stuck? Are you doing the right things and not seeing any progress? Are the actions that you've taken before failing to produce the results you want? You need progress Tony Phillips Youth Jersey , right? Something needs to change, do you know what?

I know, you're thinking "Change? Of course something needs to change; I'm not making the progress I should be making! But Matt Chapman Youth Jersey , I'm doing the right things, they're just not working." Let's look at three possible reasons why your activities aren't producing the results you want...and let's assume that there's nothing really wrong with the things you're doing.

The World has Changed, You Haven't

That sounds pretty harsh Stephen Piscotty Youth Jersey , but it's not meant to be. If your work requires that you make presentations to prospects on a regular basis and you're setting appointments and presenting information the same way you did five years ago, you might be out-of-date! You might be finding that your prospects resist setting time to meet. They don't want to come to a meeting. Their schedules are tight and you just don't fit in.

Welcome to the new world! You still need to get the information in front of the prospect but maybe you haven't explored the new tools that would help you. In today's internet world there are ways to meet that didn't exist ten years ago and didn't work very well a mere five years ago. You might be able to meet with more prospects by using the internet to make your presentations while you're in your office and they're in theirs. You'll still be doing the same activities, but in a new and different way.

Check out the new tools that are available to you Rickey Henderson Youth Jersey , they might hold the secret to achieving your goals!

The Activities Haven't Changed, But They Bore You

Sometimes the activities you're using are still valid but they're not working for you. Perhaps you see other people pursuing similar goals who use the same activities but with more success. That can get frustrating in a hurry!

Let's face it; doing the same things month after month (or year after year) can get boring. We're human beings. We need some changes to keep ourselves interested and feeling like we're learning and making progress. We get bored when we keep doing the same things day after day, month after month. And Dennis Eckersley Womens Jersey , when we get bored with what we're doing, the results usually show it.

What's the solution? Examine the actions you're taking to reach your goals. The actions probably are meant to achieve results that will lead you to your real goal. The results of the actions are not the goal, they're just necessary to move you down the road.

You can probably get those necessary results if you adjust your activities. Give it some thought Dave Henderson Womens Jersey , talk to your mentor, and see if there are some different techniques that you could use.

Making this kind of change can revitalize your interest and your excitement. You won't be just going through the same old motions, and the change will probably be reflected in the results.

Your Goal Has Changed Terry Steinbach Womens Jersey , Your Activities Haven't

Does your goal still excite you? Are you pursuing a goal that was important to you but now it doesn't have the same appeal? Maybe it's time for a serious goal reevaluation.

We often set goals because achieving them will provide a change in our life that we really want. You might be pursuing a goal that would allow you to make that change. Your "goal" is not really the real goal; it's a method to achieve the real goal. You can easily focus so much on your "goal" that the outcome you really want to achieve falls out of sight.

What now? If that outcome is still what you want, you might need to reexamine what vehicle is the best to take you there. Do this carefully; you've already invested work in pursuing your current goal. You don't want to throw away progress you've already made. But, perhaps adjustment in the "vehicle" is needed.

Remember to keep the true goal in sight and use the best means possible (the best for YOU) to get there.

Don't Give Up!

Most of all Rollie Fingers Womens Jersey , don't give up! Keep your focus on your true goal and make the changes needed to keep you progressing toward it. Delays are not denials, persistence will take you to your goal, and making the right changes can improve your rate of progress!

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