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The Power to Scry

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Fiji is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This tiny island nation in the South Pacific boasts rugged mountains Luiz Gustavo Brazil Jersey , beaches fringed with palm trees, blue lagoons and an almost perfect climate. Beyond that, it is the underwater scenery that attracts thousands of visitors every year; Fiji has become one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world.

Although it is a small country roughly about the size of the state of New Jersey, the 300 or so islands that comprise Fiji cover a huge area - around 40,000 square miles of ocean. The many reefs are largely unspoiled and intact, and Fiji's government has ensured that pollution and overfishing don't threaten the reefs. The country's traditional land tenure system also helps to protect tribal waters and ensure they are free from pollution and misuse.

Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world, due to the amount and variety of coral that can be found in the surrounding waters. In addition to enjoying the reefs themselves, divers can also observe marine life - turtle, dolphin, barracuda, manta ray and shark, as well as an estimated 35 different species of fish. Snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed in the clear waters year round, and visibility often exceeds 30 yards.

Fiji has a well established diving industry, and many resorts specialize in diving accommodations. Some other resorts include diving as part of the daily activity program. Most diving operators offer a course for beginners, making Fiji a great place to get a taste for the diving bug. Some dive operators offer courses and training in foreign languages, so you can likely take a course in your native tongue. If you are looking for the best diving deal, cheaper rates tend to be available January through March.

Snorkeling is also popular in Fiji's clear waters. Nearly all of the larger resorts offer snorkeling and have equipment for rent. The islands of Fiji have many places where snorkeling is possible from the shore, although you should only attempt this at high tide in some locations. Some diving boats will take snorkelers out to more distant reefs if they have room on the boat.

So where should you dive in Fiji? There is no shortage of sites to choose from; they range from well known and spectacular sites to sites that are virtually unheard of and unexplored. If you want the ultimate diving experience, you can even live aboard a dive boat for a week or so - a week on board one of these boats will cost from around $2 Lucas Moura Brazil Jersey ,500 per person.

One of the most popular dive areas is the sea around the Mamanuca Islands - if you dive here, you won't have the waters to yourself. The coral reefs here have intriguing names such as the Pinnacle and the Circus. The formations here consist of both hard and soft coral and the Malolo Barrier Reef ensures generally calm waters - although the sea outside the barrier reef can often be rough.

Another diving area worth visiting is the area off Taveuni. The names of the reefs alone will have you wanting to go. Reef formations here have such colorful names as the Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall, the Yellow Grotto and the Purple Wall. Diving in this area has to be timed according to the tides, because of the strong currents in the Somosomo Strait. If you are looking for sleep accommodations somewhere close to the diving action, the Garden Island Resort is the closest dive base to this area.

Beqa (pronounced Benga) Island was once known as the Mecca of Pacific Diving, and despite some damage from storms, it remains a popular destination. The lagoon at Beqa is enclosed by one of the largest barrier reefs in the world, and contains diving sites with names such as Caesar's Rocks, Surgeon's Alley and Frigate Pass. The protective lagoon ensures year-round water temperatures of 80F and gentle currents.

One of the most spectacular diving areas in the waters around Beqa is known as the Coral Gardens - a mass of colorful coral which attracts an amazing variety of sea life. You can also see the well-preserved wreck of a Taiwanese fishing boat, the TASU 2 which was deliberately sunk in about 75 feet of water in an area known as the Yanuca Shallows.
Fiji really does live up to its reputation as a major destination for diving and snorkeling. With so many world-class sites to choose from, your biggest problem may be deciding on which one to visit.
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