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Sensually active men – whether active with a partner or with themselves – often benefit from employing some form of lubricant on the male organ skin. Since every guy is different Marcus Davenport Hoodie , the choice of lubricant is highly individual. But to maintain best manhood health, it’s a good idea to spend a little time considering what is best for the member. The following tips can be helpful in making that decision.

• Sometimes with a partner; always when self-pleasuring. One of the first decisions to make is when a man needs to use lubricant. For many men, a little lubricant makes the initial moments of coupling smoother. Others, however Sheldon Rankins Hoodie , rarely opt for lubricant with a partner. Either natural lubrication from themselves and their partners is sufficient, or the barrier protection they use contains some lubricant that does the trick.

However, when self-gratifying, lubricant of some kind is almost always necessary. The friction created by rubbing the manhood vigorously with the hand over an extended period of time can result in rubbing the male organ skin raw unless lubricant is involved. While some men find that they get by with a mixture of the natural lubricant from the member and their own saliva Alex Anzalone Hoodie , others find use of a lubricant product is necessary.

• When to wash up? Another factor for a man to consider is his post-sensual activity routine. Some men keep the member unwashed after coupling or self-stimulation. They may go to sleep happily letting the lingering scent of sensual activity accompany them to dreamland. Others take time to wash and dry the manhood soon after the sensual activity is complete.

Why does this matter in terms of lubricant? Because some lubricants may not be good for male organ skin if left on after sensual activity. This especially applies to some water-based lubricants; remnants of the lubricant dry into a powder. If the powder remains on the member for an extended period of time, it can dry it out the skin.

• How long is the sensual activity likely to last? Different lubricants tend to stay on the manhood for different lengths of time – especially during self-pleasuring. Water-based lubricants in general get “worn off” the quickest and may need to be reapplied every 5 or 10 minutes. Oil-based and silicone lubes tend to stay on the male organ skin for longer periods of time. Continuing to engage in vigorous sensual activity after the lubricant has diminished can lead to severe skin irritation.

• How sensitive is the male organ skin? Men with skin that is prone to dryness or rashing may need to take special care when selecting the right lubricant. A general rule of thumb is that lubricants with fewer ingredients tend to be less harsh. Also, silicone lubricants, as a class Marcus Williams Hoodie , tend to be easier on the skin.

While this does not relate to the health of the male organ skin, when using a latex barrier device, remember that oil-based lubricants should be avoided, as they can cause the protection to deteriorate. Also Ryan Ramczyk Hoodie , silicone lubricants are not good for use with silicone sensual toys.

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